How fake degree certificate can help you with proof of education?

A proof of education is a document that states an individual’s educational level. It is a statement duly stamped and signed by an educational institution. You have probably seen job offers that ask for a minimum level of education. That is why many people ask what can serve as proof of education and how to issue the document since many selection processes ask for an education certificate when hiring an employee. If you have come this far, do not worry, we will clear it all up for you.

Proof of education is an important document for hiring in companies, selection processes and even for getting unemployment insurance benefits. On the other hand, if you do not have the required degree to apply for the particular job, you can easily get fake degree certificates online that look 100% original. Find out what proofs of schooling are and how to get a fake degree certificate.

What is proof of education?

Proof of education is the official document to prove an individual’s level of education. The educational institution itself upon completion of a course usually issues it. According to the law, there are two levels of schooling – basic education and higher education. The level of basic education encompasses elementary education (9-year cycle) and high school (3-year cycle). For those seeking specialization and professional training in a particular area, the next step is higher education, which encompasses undergraduate, graduate (including master’s and doctoral) and extension courses.

Elementary education and other levels

The cycles of elementary education are divided into initial and final phases. From the fifth to the sixth year, the student attends the initial years. In the final years, the student has access to different curricular units, often including foreign language teaching. Education levels range from complete or incomplete primary education, complete or incomplete secondary education, and complete or incomplete higher education. Some selection processes also offer the candidate the chance to inform if he or she is still attending any of the levels or even if he or she has a postgraduate degree. Anyway, at the end of each level it is possible to receive a proof of education.

What serves as proof of education?

Do you know which documents serve this purpose? In general, the documents that serve as proof of education are diplomas, course completion certificate, and academic record showing the completion of the course or a statement issued by the educational institution, which must be signed and stamped by the institution.

Moreover, if you want to get a fake degree certificate, always trust the professionals. Educational statements and degree acknowledgements written by the candidate are not accepted as proof of education for employment. Most of the documents mentioned in the list above must be requested well in advance.


If you do not know how to get a fake degree certificate, do not worry, we are here to help you. The academic record is a document that presents the students’ grades, as well as their attendance index. It can also record transfers between educational institutions and even approvals or failures in the academic year.

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