Follow these aspects and select the best preschool near you

When evaluating where your child will spend most of the day, maternal instinct counts, but you also need to add other factors to be taken into account to ensure that the chosen institution is in fact the best option. The first step is to search on Google for the best daycare near me, make a selection of online preschool programs and schedule a consultation online with the pedagogical advisor.

Environment of the school

Parents will know if something is seriously wrong in the space provided by the school – musty smell, poor lighting, unprotected stairs and windows. However, the time is changed now. Due to Covid, online learning is now a reality. So do not let the tour be rushed. Take as much time as you need to talk and observe the advisor, fees, learning process, schedule and flexibility, extra activities, the qualification and skills of the teachers, etc.

Activities offered by the program

The activities offered to children also say a lot about how the Preschool near me is committed to encouraging the little ones. Normally, plastic arts, music, physical education classes are offered, besides traditional ones (elements of mathematics, personality building, language and literature). Some institutions go further and offer their students other practices, such as gardening and cooking tips, poetry, physical exercises, etc.

Beyond the Basics

The preschool must go beyond just passing on the content of the classes and taking care of the child. Choose an institution that also teaches values ​​and encourages cognitive, physical and social development – ​​regardless of your child’s age. The high cost of a private school does not necessarily mean good educational quality. There are excellent public institutions with an interesting pedagogical project, while some private ones have dubious projects.

School experience and skills

Schools that have brand new toys and an interesting educational proposal may not be suitable for your children. Schools that have been on the market longer have gone through several trial-errors, found their identity and have proven results. Besides, experienced institutions, such as Footprints Education, tend to invest more in trained teachers and adequate infrastructure.







Agenda of the institution

If your child still does not speak, it is very important to check how the school communicates with parents. Generally, the institution itself offers an agenda in which basic observations on nutrition, hygiene and development are scheduled. In addition to this system, many institutions have adopted mobile applications.

Amid Covid 19 pandemic, search criteria for the best preschool are changed. With this checklist, you already have the tools you need to choose the most suitable preschool for your child.

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