What is a Japanese University Scholarship?

This is a program where students have the ability to study at a Japanese government scholarship [ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai] with a scholarship from the Japanese government, particularly the Ministry of Education, Sports, Society, Scientific Research, as well as Technology. Via this program, UTokyo only approves students as “students” and “Undergraduate students.” For information, be sure to describe the Application Guideline representing the year for which you are applying.


Info on the MEXT Scholarship (Ministry of Education and Learning, Sports, Culture, Science, and Innovation of Japan.

Mostly in Japanese/Application Standards additionally offered in English).


  • Research student:

Master’s, Doctorate as well as Professional Level Programs, routine college student, or graduate worldwide study student.

  • Undergraduate student:

Each undergraduate student will be enlisted at a preparatory school marked by MEXT for a one-year extensive course in the Japanese language, as well as various other subjects required for preparation for continuing to college. The preparatory course lasts for one year. A grantee who has completed the preparatory education will take place at a university designated by MEXT upon passing its entrance examination.

The university whose assessment a beneficiary will take is decided by MEXT for an appointment with the university and the primary college, as well as in comprehensive factor to consider of the outcomes of the scholastic evaluations in the primary testing held in his/her house nation, academic accomplishment at the primary college, the grantee’s suggested major topic, as well as the receiving capacity of the college. As a result, please note that candidates who desire to enter UTokyo may not necessarily be able to take the entrance evaluations for UTokyo.

  • University Suggestion

For this classification, UTokyo picks and advises study students directly to MEXT as candidates for the Japanese federal government scholarship. The majority of candidates will be worldwide students on inter-university student exchange arrangements. Considering that the period of application differs depending on the Grad College, please contact the pertinent department in the Grad School of your option.

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