Tips to write a strong essay

Writing great essays shall be difficult for many students.  In fact, drafting them can put them in stress and anxiety. Whether you love it or hate it, you need to write an essay at some point in your life. But practicing and following some tips helps you to write an excellent essay. Relish the challenge of drafting essays as it gives you the chance to show your skills in academic research and create interesting arguments.

Why you need to write essays

Before learning the art of creating great essays, you must have an understanding of the purpose of drafting them. Mainly designed for academic purposes, essays are helpful to test many things like knowledge, comprehension, and the level of writing skills of a student. By writing a good essay, it is clear that you have read and learned the topic. From the essay, a reader can understand your ability to explain complex issues and concepts clearly. Besides, it is a way of showing up your level of written skills.

Know what you want to write in the essay

Before start writing, a writer should have a clear idea about the topic and what he or she intends to say. The writer also should know how to structure his or her arguments. Making an essay plan is an effective way to do this. Note down the ideas that you want to cover in the essay before starting to write the essay. Instead of jumping from topic to topic, include a good introduction in your essay and add several paragraphs to develop an argument.  A conclusion at the end is also necessary.

Steps to improve your essays

Many people are into academic writing and prefer to improve their skills. Academic writing is quite different from public writing, and even experienced scholars find it difficult to draft a brilliant essay. In addition to practicing, you can improve your skills in academic writing with some tips. Some of the tips to excel in essay writing are:

  • Deeply analyze the essay prompt

Comprehend the question of an essay fully is important to write a good research paper or essay. Analyze and understand what the essay prompt asks directly and indirectly before drafting it.

  • Importance of creating a thesis statement

Add a concise thesis statement based on the prompt as it can guide your research paper.

  • Use an outline

Creating an outline helps to write the whole essay pretty easily

  • Start with the essay body

Most people often write the introduction first, which is a difficult part for them. Instead, start the essay with the body and draft the introduction by integrating the main ideas.

  • Use a topic sentence to begin each paragraph

You can show the main idea of the paragraph by starting the paragraph with a topic sentence.

  • Include a conclusion

Restate the thesis statement in the conclusion part of the essay. It helps you to tie all the main points of the body paragraph.

  • Proofreading for a perfect essay

You can make the essay or research paper perfect and academically acceptable by proofreading it.

There are many benefits to learning the art of writing essays. Essays are mainly for testing the writing skills of a student. You can understand how a student read and learn the topic and his capacity to explain difficult issues and concepts from the essay he drafted. In-depth knowledge and understanding, and original thinking are essential to write a good essay. Learn the above tips if you want to excel in drafting good essays and academic papers.

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