How to Install and Use a Fire Blanket

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fire blanket is an essential piece of safety equipment that can be used to contain small fires and protect people from smoke inhalation. It is important to know how to install and use a fire blanket so that you are prepared in the event of a fire. In this article, we will look at the steps for installing and using a fire blanket safely. We’ll also discuss what to do after using a fire blanket in the event of an emergency. 


How to Install a Fire Blanket 


Installing a fire blanket is simple but must be done properly for it to work properly when needed. Here are the steps for installing a fire blanket in your home or office: 


  1. Choose an appropriate location for your fire blanket – The ideal location should be close enough so that it can be reached easily, but far enough away from heat sources or flammable materials that it won’t catch on fire itself. A kitchen or garage would be good places to keep your fire blanket. 


  1. Mount your fire blanket – Most residential-grade blankets come with mounting hooks, so you can hang them on walls or even ceilings if desired. If you don’t have any mounting hooks, you could use Velcro strips or adhesive tape instead. 


  1. Check the expiration date – All fire blankets have an expiration date printed on them somewhere; make sure to check this before using your blanket as expired blankets may not provide adequate protection against flames or smoke inhalation. 


  1. Test the fit – Before using your fire blanket, make sure it fits securely around you by testing it out with someone else. This will ensure the proper fit in case of an emergency situation where seconds count!


What To Do After Using Your Fire Blanket?


After successfully putting out or containing a small blaze with your fireblanket, there are several things you should do afterwards: 


1) Dispose of used material – Many types of commercial-grade blankets come pre-treated with chemicals which may be hazardous when exposed directly skin contact; these must be disposed off accordingly according to local regulations/laws governing hazardous waste disposal practices 


2) Replace old material – Depending on severity/frequency usage during incident, worn-out/damaged portions should be replaced promptly so as not maintain optimal level protection against future blazes 


3) Inspect surrounding areas – Ensure all surrounding areas were checked thoroughly for any potential hazards such as flammable liquids which may have been ignited during initial incident 


4) Restock supplies – Restock any used materials immediately so as always maintain necessary levels protection against future incidents 


5) Seek medical attention – If anyone was exposed directly flame/smoke during incident, seek medical attention promptly even if no visible signs injury present at time 


Fires can happen unexpectedly at any time—but when they do occur, having access to a quality fire blanket can help contain small blazes quickly and safely while minimizing risk injury due direct contact flames/smoke inhalation! Installing one correctly requires just few simple steps like choosing proper location mount securely; however usage requires more caution since person must get quite close source order properly smother flames completely!

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