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In today’s academic world, education has moved beyond a mere focus on academic achievement as it encompassing emotional, physical, and social wellness. Holistic education is gaining popularity among parents and educators as it takes a more comprehensive approach to ensuring a child’s complete growth and development. At Oxford Academy, CT, we believe in providing students with a well-rounded education that nurtures their cognitive, emotional, and social abilities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of holistic education and boarding schools in ct how it can enhance a student’s overall learning experience.

Emphasis on personalized learning

At Oxford Academy, we believe that each child learns differently, possesses unique talents, and interests. Therefore, our approach to holistic education is centered on personalized learning, wherein we create customized learning plans for individual students. By understanding and working on a child’s specific needs and strengths, we’re better able to help them achieve their full potential, which, in turn, results in better academic performance and increased motivation towards learning.

Focus on mental health

Holistic education does not just focus on academic excellence but also on students’ mental and emotional wellbeing. In today’s fast-paced world where stress and anxiety are on the rise, it is essential to address students’ mental health needs. At Oxford Academy, we have a school counselor and a dedicated team of psychologists on call to help students manage their emotional wellbeing. We encourage students to express their feelings and thoughts, engage in stress-relieving activities such as meditation and yoga, and focus on building healthy relationships with peers and teachers.

Development of life skills

Holistic education aims at equipping students with essential life skills. At Oxford Academy, we believe that developing life skills is fundamental to a child’s success in all aspects of life. Students are taught valuable skills such as time management, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. By developing these skills, students become more confident in their abilities, develop self-esteem, and are prepared to take on new challenges in life.

Importance of community service

Holistic education also instills values such as civic responsibility and community service. At Oxford Academy, we encourage students to engage in community service activities such as participating in charity work, volunteering, and fundraising. These activities help students become more compassionate and empathetic towards others, understand the value of helping others, and develop strong leadership skills.

Integration of technology and innovation

As technology continues to advance, it has become crucial that students develop proficiency in technology. At Oxford Academy, we integrate technology into our curriculum and provide students with the latest tools to enhance their learning experience. We believe that technology plays a pivotal role in modern-day education and prepares students for the future workforce. We also encourage innovation and creativity and allow students to express their ideas in diverse formats such as videos, websites, virtual presentations, etc.


In a nutshell, holistic education is a multifaceted approach to learning that aims at developing students’ cognitive, emotional, and social abilities. At Oxford Academy, CT, we strive to provide students with comprehensive education that nurtures their physical and mental wellbeing, develops essential life skills, instills values of community service, and integrates technology and innovation into our curriculum. We believe that a holistic education is the best way to prepare students for success in all aspects of their lives. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic approach to education and enroll your child in our program.


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