How E-learning Platforms Are Gaining Popularity 

In the last decade, the world has seen a digital revolution. The digital revolution has swept through every sector. In recent years, the education sector has seen significant improvements. Human dependence on technology has also led to the creation of e-learning portals. Online learning, also known as e-learning, refers to learning via Online Tutoring Platforms For Teachers and online media. For example, online video/audio lectures are used to deliver speeches, and virtual classrooms can be used in place of classrooms in real life. In addition, students can take online courses at foreign universities and receive lectures from professors via e-learning platforms. 

Why do students prefer E-Learning platforms to traditional learning?

Students learn at their own pace

A study from IBM shows that online courses provide 5x the learning opportunities for students than traditional classrooms. Digital learning is a way for students to learn at their own pace. With 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, the teacher can make sure that concepts are fully grasped before going on to new skills. 

Higher Engagement with the Tutor

It has been shown that online courses allow students to have better interactions with their teachers. Online courses allow students to have more time and space with their teacher. E-learning allows students who are uncomfortable with interacting in public to share their problems via messaging or other digital media. 

The Convenience Factor

Online learning is convenient for students. Online courses offer students flexibility in terms of time and space. Online courses can be scheduled according to students’ availability. It doesn’t matter if they have 2 hours per day or 20 hours per week, it all depends on their learning pace and availability. Distance learning solutions allow them to work from anywhere they choose. They only need an internet connection and a device to be able to access online learning.

Personalized Learning Experience

A traditional classroom has approximately 30-40 students who learn together. The teacher then attends to the entire class. In this situation, the teacher might not be available to address individual student needs. E-learning platforms use technology and individual teaching methods to offer personalized learning experiences for students. Digital learning platforms provide students with the tools to communicate with their teachers for a better learning experience. 

What makes teachers/professionals choose online teaching?


Traditional education does not allow for complete freedom in teaching. It is difficult for passionate teachers to do their best when they are limited by curriculum and school schedules. Online platforms give teachers complete freedom to plan and design learning. They can customize the teaching hours and courses to their liking. They can connect with students all over the globe. It is common for teachers to be drawn to Professional Online Tutoring Platforms in USA , because they create a place for them to teach without barriers. 

Another source of income

Who wouldn’t love to make a living from their own home? Everybody does. Teachers and professionals can now teach online from their own homes, earning additional income. Online teaching is becoming a popular career choice for many teachers due to students’ increasing interest in online learning. If you’re experienced and skilled in this field, the pay can be very lucrative. Even though most teachers continue to work their full-time job, tutoring can still be very lucrative. The fees are per student, per tutoring session.

The flexibility of Time & Space

There is nothing better than working on your own terms. Teachers can set their schedules online through remote learning platforms. Teachers can record lectures and upload them to students. A class may be rescheduled if it is impossible to deliver the lesson at the scheduled time and date. The Novel Coronavirus is quickly spreading around the globe (with over 1.5 million cases confirmed in 188 countries), and governments are taking the necessary steps to stop this pandemic. The devastating effects of this deadly virus have shaken all aspects of the world, and education is one sector that has been severely affected by their spread. This has caused a surge in the need for e-learning. 

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