Top 5 Famous Women Entrepreneurs in India 2021

There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise. Women today play a vital role in the society. They are destined to become successful entrepreneurs since they are born with a knack for organization& multi-tasking skills. The ‘wo’ in women stands for wonder, because they achieve wonders when their heart is determined.

Here we have listed 5 famous Women Entrepreneurs in India in 2021 whose stories have not only filled a need gap in the society but are also great sources of inspiration.

  1. Lekhinee Desai is a proud owner of The Indian Ethnic Co. which uses Indian textiles to design clothes. She started when she was in college and made it into a 10 crore business today. Being a part of a management course helped her. The marketing of her designs was through dance forms, especially Odissi. The tactic is now used by Facebook, Instagram and other management schools as a case study for students. She is a role model for many women entrepreneurs in India on how to effectively use digital marketing and creativity!
  1. Sadiya Naseem is the successful founder of Glam Studios. As a child, Sadiya had a limited budget to spend on grooming. This led her to launch India’s first chain of branded budgeted salons offering premium services. The salons are solving the needs of women from different backgrounds. Glam Studios currently has 160+ salons across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc.
  1. Shradha Sharma is the founder of YourStory. As part of her journey in multiple media firms, Shraddha interacted with multiple successful entrepreneurs. She realized that the reason behind their success is a mixture of challenges they face and how they solve those challenges. She then decided to launch a platform to share storming stories that can inspire other young entrepreneurs. YourStory has shared 70,000+ inspiring stories till now and offer content in 11 local languages. She also received the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award for her initiative.
  1. Aditi Gupta is the co-founder of Menstrupedia. Aditi used her education in designing to create a comic with graphics and texts. The purpose was to educate girls on Menstruation. The initiative reached great height by partnering with Whisper India. Today, Menstrupedia comics are used by schools, NGOs and even governments for educational purposes.
  1. Poonam Pathak is a qualified CA who launched her own CA firm. Her father is a farmer, so she could not afford the fees of an MBA. Her hard work and determination made her pass one of the toughest competitive exams. In late 2017, while she was 3 months pregnant, she launched her own CA Firm ‘Poonam Pathak & Associates’. Today she hasher own office and a team of 5.

There are many such inspirational stories on success achieved by women. It is not always about starting a business or being an entrepreneur. But more about trying every day and emerging successful. Just like these women entrepreneurs of India!

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