Planning a college tour that ticks all the boxes

Touring colleges is the most excellent mode to find out if your child has established the ideal fit. Regardless of all of its awesomeness, the internet can’t precisely let you know what it feels like to be on university grounds. It can’t demonstrate to you the kindness of the professors or the openness of the students. It can’t confirm how tasty the food is or how much your admission counsellor takes care of your child.

How to plan a tour?

These are some steps that you should consider while planning a college tour:

  1. Decide on which college or school to visit
  2. Call the admission office
  3. Settle on a date and time
  4. Decide what you would do on your child’s visit
  5. Look for verification stuff
  6. Tour the campus

How can we determine the right match?

For high school students to explore several colleges and universities, admissions professionals advise planning campus tours to attain an enhanced experience for the schools. Considering how the pandemic has overturned the day by day functions of colleges nationally, the campus tour might appear a lot different this year, with restricted personal tours sticking to social distancing and other safety needs. A large number of guided and virtual campus tours online and even narrated drive-thru alternatives for potential students and families.

What is the best part about early planning?

While students get nearer to the last year of high school, their timetables are packed, attempting to balance school and social life – all when searching prospective college campuses. To relieve the pressure, students and families might desire to make visits earlier, preferably prior to senior year. The College Board suggests spring of the junior year as a great occasion to trip campuses for students who have already completed the investigation on those colleges. College tours are a fair use of downtime over spring break. Late summer and early fall ahead of senior year are also suitable occasions. The College Board website notes down, adding that classes might already be in session, letting potential students see campus life.

What can we expect from a personal visit?

Students visiting campus must expect definite restrictions because of coronavirus pandemic safety practices. The size of tour teams might be restricted. Visitors might have to fill a form asking about coronavirus signs, and specific regions like residence halls might be out of bounds.

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