First aid: basic signs and resuscitation measures

First pre-hospital aid is a set of measures aimed at restoring or preserving the life and health of the injured person. It must be given by someone who is near the victim (mutual aid), or the victim himself (self-help) until the arrival of a medical worker.

Responsibility for the organization of training in first aid in the recreational organization shall be vested in the head and/or responsible officials, as mentioned Erste-Hilfe Kurs München.

In order for the first pre-hospital aid to be effective, the recreational organization should have:

  • first aid kits with a set of necessary medicines and medical supplies for first aid;
  • posters depicting the techniques of first aid to victims in accidents and conducting artificial respiration and external heart massage.

Signs to determine the state of health of the victim

In order to find out what kind of help the person needs, you must first find out the cause of his or her injury. You can learn this from erste hilfe kurs münchen. This can be done by checking the main signs that will indicate the victim’s state of health:

  • consciousness: clear, absent, disturbed (the victim is lethargic or agitated);
  • color of skin and visible mucous membranes (lips, eyes): pink, bluish, pale.
  • breathing: normal, absent, disturbed (irregular, superficial, wheezing);
  • carotid pulse: well-defined (rhythm correct or irregular), poorly defined, absent;
  • pupils: dilated, constricted.

Complex resuscitation measures

Erste hilfe kurs is the necessary basic knowledge for everyone. If the victim has no consciousness, breathing, pulse, the skin is blue, and pupils dilated, you should immediately begin to restore the vital functions of the body by conducting artificial respiration and external massage of the heart. Note the time of respiratory and circulatory arrest in the victim, the start time of CPR and external cardiac massage, and the duration of resuscitation measures and report this information to the arriving medical personnel.

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