Do you know what manga is and from where it was originated?

Manga is a term which was invested by the artist Hokusai first. Later it became a cartoon character and there are several of comic series available based on these characters. The special characteristics of Manga are their large pretty eyes and small mouth. Their hair color always makes them different from other cartoon characters; they have got abnormal kind of hair color which is the basic identity of those.

Is it a novel or a cartoon character?

Manga is the most famous character on which long and interesting series in form of comic and novels are published in Japanese comic Industry to make their citizens happy. The best part of these comics is it is very good for your brain and you can be benefitted while reading it. 

What is the interesting part of it if someone wants to อ่านการ์ตูน?

The image which is used to make this comic is great and it gets connected with our mind and heart easily due to its beautiful graphics. These are hand drawn traditionally, it can be shocking but this is the major fact about it, and the way these are presented in front of us, we are in love with this. It makes us happy and encourages us to appreciate art.

The second interesting thing about it is, if you want to อ่านการ์ตูน then you have to get knowledge about kanji first, which is a writing format basically used in Japan to write Japanese literature. This is a format in which script starts from right to left, which adds spices to it and makes it more interesting.

There are lots of Varieties in genre as well as theme available for those who love to read manga. There are 3000+ Manga available digitally online to make you happy.

If you want อ่านการ์ตูน about food and historical then there is a novel based on this mixture known as Nobunaja no chef for you, and if any one of you likes thrilling and detective stories then detective Canon is all set to thrill you through it’s fascinating world.

The first manga magazine was published by kanagaki Robin in 1874. It was influenced by the Japan punch a pioneering magazine. The Japan punch was published by the Charles wingman which got lots of appreciation as well as it has love from its readers in between 1862 to 1887.


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